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Truffle Masterclass
July 09, 2014

The delicate art of the truffle and handmade pasta will be explored in a free masterclass at 6.30 pm on Thursday July 17th at St Ali North. Daniel Tonin from Pasta Classica will present his hands-on master class in tortellini...

Red Nose Day - Friday 27th June
June 06, 2014

$1 from each takeway coffee sold on Red Nose Day will be donated to SIDS and Kids NSW and Victoria. Our participating stores are: St Ali, 12 - 18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne Church of Secular Coffee @ Rue & Co, Container 1, 80...

Melbourne Kenyan Safari
June 05, 2014

Kenyan coffees are consistently among the best in the world! They're well known for intensely bright acidity, sugary sweetness and superior cleanliness.  In January, Salvatore and Matt Perger went to Kenya to find some delicious coffees for us. We are so...

Event: Milk a Salmon & Cure Roe - Wednesday 11th June
June 05, 2014

Yarra Valley Caviar will bring salmon to St Ali on Wednesday 11th June, and milk them of their roe, with the potential for guests to assist. The salmon are milked by hand under a natural anaesthetic of clove oil. This video links illustrates how...